About Stork

For the people, by the people.

Welcome to the #1 Community on Sui

We started as the Sui Name Service in August 2022. And now, we are Stork. That doesn't mean, we won't sell domains. Trust me, we will. But, our main focus is building the Stork brand and starting community-first crypto protocols.

We want to build, and with Stork, we can build whatever we want. Recently, we decided, our flagship product will be our upcoming Stork Wallet. But, instead of giving it all to VCs, we rather build it with the community and it will be powered by our StorkNFTs. This is how the SNS was born. We have the best community, blockchain and team in the world. And now, with enough runway, we can build whatever we want and make it successful.

Once Sui launches, we will launch our PFP collection. And that's when the fun really starts. If you're looking for cool art, community, airdrops and plenty of alpha - you're in the right place. Our #1 priority is holder value.

Join us and lets build the future together.

AnthonyFounder & CEOtwitter.com/mistertoucan